US-RACING 311● Photo Aid Appeal 2012 Calendar

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US-RACING 311● Photo Aid Appeal 2012 Calendar US-RACING 311● Photo Aid Appeal 2012 Calendar


This photo calendar was created to support recovery in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, which struck Japan on March 11, 2011. The photo calendar was produced by chief editor Kazuki Saito and his brother, motorsports photographer Hiroyuki Saito, who both grew up in Tagajo city, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the disaster. The tsunami came within a half-mile of their family home. Not only did it cause unprecedented loss of life, it also destroyed the homes and jobs of many of the survivors.

Following the earthquake Kazuki and Hiroyuki travelled to their hometown of Tagajo and saw for themselves the true destruction that had occurred that day. They soon realized just how long the road to recovery would be for the region, and that long-term support will be required to move forward. At US-RACING, we learned that no one is immune to natural disasters and felt more people around the world could learn from this.

As our way of contributing to the recovery, we decided to launch the 'US-RACING 311● Photo Aid Appeal', making a selection of our photos available for purchase and download, in the hope that the people affected in this disaster will not be forgotten. All proceeds will be donated to support recovery in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Proceeds will be donated to charity organizations which support families in the affected areas who have children suffering from disabilities. As a father of a young son with autism, Kazuki felt a strong connection with these families struggling in unfamiliar surroundings.

Please feel free to print out our photos and have them signed by your favorite driver at your next visit to an IndyCar race.
For queries, please contact us directly at the following email address:

Thank you for your continued support.

Kazuki and Hiroyuki Saito

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Item ID 182153
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